Latest fitness craze: T-bands – Do they really work?

This silicone bracelet is said to increase core strenght, balance, awareness and focus, as well as decrease headaches, stress, jetlag and motion sickness. How you say? According to the website the holograms that are embedded in the band send special signals to your body’s bioelectrical field, tuning your body and bringing it back to your optimum performance level.
A miracle healer or just another trendy scam? I put the T-band to the test!

The test:

So here’s the story. After parading around Vegas with a drink in our hands ( and a couple already knocked back ), my boyfriend and I spotted the T-band stand inside Planet Hollywood.
As he had already heard many great things about this band, my boyfriend wanted to see what the fuss was all about.
The sales person let us do some simple exercises, first without the band then with the band.
First the sales person tested our balance by letting us raise our left leg while putting pressure on our shoulders. Of course we failed miserably ( the previously consumed alcoholic beverages might have had something to do with this, not sure…). Miraculously after putting on the little jelly bracelet, both of us could keep our balance, even with the pressure on our shoulders!
I don’t know how many times the phrase ‘How’s that possible?’ was said, but I am sure it was more than once.
After that the cunning sales man had us reach our left arms behind our backs, as far as possible. Yet again, the T band exceeded expectations as it would make us reach a few inches more than our previous attempt! Amazing!!!
Obviously we HAD to get those awesome T bands. We saw the results with our own eyes, how could they not work!
After the effect of our drinks wore off and the realization came that we just blew 70 dollars on 2 silicone bands, we were feeling a little less euphoric.
Oh yes, the band still did the same old tricks as the day before, but silly excitement made room for common sense.
Could it be that the wonderful results of the T band are just in your head?
We tried the band on a more than sceptical friend of ours and behold, gone was the magic of the T band!
Another friend, which is a doctor, also told me that it’s only normal to reach further on your second attempt, because you’ve already warmed up your muscles the first time. Interesting!
As far as the other positive effects of the T band go, I don’t really feel I’m at my body’s optimum performance level, and that’s an understatement!
For whoever is still curious about this new fitness trend, the T bands are for sale on the website and cost 25 dollars a pop.
PS: Now I also know why that lovely sales person had a big smirk on his face after selling us our bands at $35 a piece!


7 thoughts on “Latest fitness craze: T-bands – Do they really work?

  1. L G says:


    • pat riojas says:

      im very upset with the fact we excepted a lye from a company that provided documents for this product . what goes around comes around 10 times over , shame on you.

  2. KG says:

    I never ever post but I came across this page after looking up the tband website. I must say I use to be the biggest disbeliever of tbands until I was at the same location inside Planet Hollywood. The sales rep put me through multiple test and of course t band passed but I was not even close to being sold until he allowed me to test random people that passed by any way I wanted to. I had friends with me who said the same thing about the body being warmed up to the task and muscle memory so we tested people with the band first and to my suprise flexibility and balance were much worst with the t band off. We even tested people by placing the t band, a knock off and nothing inside of purses, hoodies and pockets. Same thing, t band passed the test. Do I believe the t band gives me more strentgh power endurance flexibility… No. However I do believe it gives me my natural abilities in a perfect world minus the negative ions my body is around all day everyday… Yes. And that’s what the product claims to do. It does not give you more, but it repels those ions that prohibit your body’s natural abilities. My suggestion is when you test people, do not let them know when the t band is on them. Also, the one leg balance test make sure you push same spot and straight down. A lot of times when skeptical people want to test others with my band they pull the arm down towards them instead of pushing straight down. That’s just my accounts of the T Band and like I said I do believe in what the product says it does interms of repelling negative ions and allowing the body to tap into its natural abilities that are not hindered once the band is on.

  3. De Wilmore says:

    I too became a “victim” of the t-band scam, but, I had the gentleman at the Houdini magic shop show me how the “trick” works.In fact he show me with a magicians sponge ball. The magic is in the placement and direction of “the push”, When the initial 2 finger test is performed, the tester is pulling you arm away from the body core. After the band is applied, the tester is pushing the arm towards the body’s core. It is very subtle , but effective. I was certainly fooled, and even though I tried returning the item within 4 minutes of purchase, they refused to allow a refund.

  4. geothermal78 says:

    My wife got one of these. The cheapest model (shown above) and she said that it decreases her stress and back pain during menstruation.

  5. Floyd Whitaker says:

    Well, let me say this (and ill admit im not completely convinced yet) but check this out. I also went through those 2 test at Planet Hollywood, was sold and bought the bracelet. Im 39, starting to fall apart physically. My balance and energy have been in serious decline over the last couple of yrs (as expected with a declining metabolism). My knees and ankles crack and snap when I walk through out the day. After almost 48 hours of wearing the bracelet the snapping and cracking is hardly felt or present in my knees and ankles. Sleep has been amazing over that last 2 nights. I decided to grab a bracelet for my 13 yr old son so he could try this out as well. He was just cut from his middle school basketball tryout last week. As soon as I get home I put him through the same 2 test and give him the band. He immediately picked up his basketball to see if there would be a difference. Now I know this is going to some really wacko but yes. He was able to dribble the ball significantly better and perform tricks with the ball without losing it as he was not able to do before. Im almost convinced that if I had found this bracelet 1 week earlier he would have made the team as he was 1 of the final cuts on day 3 of the tryouts. Well continue to wear the bands to see what and if any significant increase in athletic performance comes about over the coming weeks.

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