Latest fitness craze: T-bands – Do they really work?

4 Mar

This silicone bracelet is said to increase core strenght, balance, awareness and focus, as well as decrease headaches, stress, jetlag and motion sickness. How you say? According to the website the holograms that are embedded in the band send special signals to your body’s bioelectrical field, tuning your body and bringing it back to your optimum performance level.
A miracle healer or just another trendy scam? I put the T-band to the test!

The test:

So here’s the story. After parading around Vegas with a drink in our hands ( and a couple already knocked back ), my boyfriend and I spotted the T-band stand inside Planet Hollywood.
As he had already heard many great things about this band, my boyfriend wanted to see what the fuss was all about.
The sales person let us do some simple exercises, first without the band then with the band.
First the sales person tested our balance by letting us raise our left leg while putting pressure on our shoulders. Of course we failed miserably ( the previously consumed alcoholic beverages might have had something to do with this, not sure…). Miraculously after putting on the little jelly bracelet, both of us could keep our balance, even with the pressure on our shoulders!
I don’t know how many times the phrase ‘How’s that possible?’ was said, but I am sure it was more than once.
After that the cunning sales man had us reach our left arms behind our backs, as far as possible. Yet again, the T band exceeded expectations as it would make us reach a few inches more than our previous attempt! Amazing!!!
Obviously we HAD to get those awesome T bands. We saw the results with our own eyes, how could they not work!
After the effect of our drinks wore off and the realization came that we just blew 70 dollars on 2 silicone bands, we were feeling a little less euphoric.
Oh yes, the band still did the same old tricks as the day before, but silly excitement made room for common sense.
Could it be that the wonderful results of the T band are just in your head?
We tried the band on a more than sceptical friend of ours and behold, gone was the magic of the T band!
Another friend, which is a doctor, also told me that it’s only normal to reach further on your second attempt, because you’ve already warmed up your muscles the first time. Interesting!
As far as the other positive effects of the T band go, I don’t really feel I’m at my body’s optimum performance level, and that’s an understatement!
For whoever is still curious about this new fitness trend, the T bands are for sale on the website and cost 25 dollars a pop.
PS: Now I also know why that lovely sales person had a big smirk on his face after selling us our bands at $35 a piece!

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